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Publications 2023

Comparing Electrostatic and Vibrotactile Feedback for In-Car Touchscreen Interaction using common User Interface Controls

Farooq A., Raisamo R., Lylykangas J., Spakov O., and Surakka, V.

Multimodal Gaze-based Interaction in Cars: are Mid-air Gestures with Haptic Feedback Safer Than Buttons?

Spakov O., Venesvirta H., Lylykangas J., Farooq A., Raisamo R., and Surakka V.

Cueing car drivers with ultrasound skin stimulation

Spakov O., Venesvirta H, Farooq A., Lylykangas J., Rakkolainen I., Raisamo R, and Surakka, V.

Augmenting VR/XR experiences using directional vibrotactile feedback and temperature variation

Farooq A., Raisamo R., Lylykangas J., Spakov O., and Surakka, V.

Publications 2022

Creating Dynamic Vibrotactile Output using Magnetorheological Fluid as Signal Mediator

Farooq A., Rantala J., and Raisamo R.

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Developing Intelligent Multimodal IVI Systems to Reduce Driver Distraction

Farooq A., Evreinov G., Raisamo R., and Hippula A.

Unimodal and Multimodal Signals to Support Control Transitions in Semiautonomous Vehicles

Salminen K., Farooq A., Rantala J., Raisamo R., and Surakka V.

Generating Virtual Tactile Exciter for HD Haptics, A Tectonic Actuators’ Case Study

Coe P., Farooq A, Evreinov G., and Raisamo, R.

Publications 2017

Developing Actuation Mechanism for Stick-Slip Based Intelligent Mobile Displays

Farooq A.; Weitz P.; Evreinov G.; Raisamo R., and Takahata D.

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